ERP for small and medium-sized businesses

SAP Business One

Woongjin provides ERP, which is most necessary for the growth of small and medium-sized businesses.
Starting with SAP Business One grows with your company without the need to replace your system multiple times.
Meet Korean-style SAP ERP now.

Number 1 Partner Woongjin

Woongjin is Korea's leading SAP Business One partner, delivering robust business consulting services tailored for small and medium-sized businesses.
With Woongjin, you'll encounter an ERP solution characterized by seamless integration, scalable flexibility, enabling you to prioritize what truly matters.
Count on the expertise of our top consultants every step of the way.

ERP for small and medium-sized businesses, SAP Business One

Internal systems for company growth must be agile and efficient. Moreover, predictive analysis should be enabled through reference data utilization.
SAP Business One ensures scalability by eliminating the need for frequent system replacements, allowing for the implementation of various processes.
This facilitates sustainable decision-making supported by integrated information, fostering the growth of small and medium-sized businesses.

SAP Business One helps your company grow

For startups and burgeoning small and medium-sized enterprises, finding an ERP solution that efficiently handles processes, facilitates informed decision-making, and supports profitability and scalability is paramount.
SAP Business One ERP emerges as a robust tool capable of driving transformative change within your business.

SAP Business One Features and Benefits

SAP Business One harnesses the capabilities of SAP HANA in-memory computing to empower companies to enhance their competitiveness through smarter, faster, and simpler operations.
It stands as the ideal choice for companies aiming for sustained growth as well as those eyeing global expansion.

  • Provides a single global operating environment

    1. Supports localized versions in 43 countries.

    2. Provides a single global operating environment for the company.

  • Secure real-time insight through various types of reporting functions

    1. Important business reporting using key performance indicators.

    2. Free report creation through linking with MS OFFICE.

    • Powerful system functions based on the latest in-memory computing

      1. Provides fundamental performance improvement and added value

      2. When compared to the MS-SQL based version

      - ~ 960x improved reporting speed
      - ~ 12x improved system efficiency
      - ~ 46x improvement in search speed
      - ~ 30x transaction speed improvement