Move to the AWS Cloud!

Amazon Web Services

Woongjin supports AWS cloud adoption and migration reliably and efficiently.
We also offer a wide range of advanced solutions to meet the diverse needs of businesses of all sizes.

Total Migration & Consulting

Woongjin's AWS experts analyze customers' IT environments using a systematic method and recommend a cloud environment optimized for their specific needs.

  • Systematic service diagnosis and analysis

    Clearly identify customer needs to calculate strategic scope and present strategy for To-be

    Providing stable analysis through an optimal cloud environment

  • Customer service-oriented architecture design

    Design a cloud architecture that fits your business goals

    Optimize UI and data from various perspectives for each service

  • Rapid migration operation

    Optimal infrastructure operation and systematic cloud migration environment configuration

    Establish stable network speed and infrastructure environment


AWS is the most secure and stable cloud platform for SAP workloads.
Leveraging its experience in SAP S/4HANA, Business One, operations, and Proof of Concept (PoC) verification on AWS, Woongjin assists customers in seamlessly migrating to AWS and enables them to focus on their core competencies.

  • Why SAP on AWS?

    Quick installation and configuration

    No need for periodic replacement of hardware

    Perform real-world performance tests

    Easy system recovery/operating System copy/backup or System duplication and backup management

  • Why is SAP more innovative on AWS?

    Free infrastructure configuration possible

    low cost of failure

    Fully Managed Services on AWS

    Serverless service, innovative service

Woongjin specializes in supporting various technology

With the introduction of new AWS technology, Woongjin offers specialized services tailored to meet the unique requirements of each customer.

  • Container service based on open source
  • AWS-based container service
  • AWS-based solutions & services
Cloud Monitoring Solution Watchcon

Woongjin's Watchcon is a tailored solution designed for enterprise-wide system management and server monitoring, facilitating efficient cloud management.

SIOS H/A Cloud Solution (SIOS Protection Suite is a product that protects SAP HA and DR)

SIOS' redundancy and data replication solutions for SAP are considered the optimal choice for SAP on AWS.
These solutions ensure uninterrupted system operation by continuously monitoring failures across all resources, including the SAP server's database, hardware (server, network, storage), and CI (ASCS, ERS), 24x7. SIOS Protection Suite for SAP (SPS) is a certified solution from AWS, providing peace of mind for SAP deployments on the AWS platform.