TPS - Total Production System

The Most Advanced Web-Based Apparel Software Solution for the Fashion Industry.

Control Your Products, Sales, Production, Inventory, Shipping & Accounting in One Program.

All-In-One Solution

  • Customer file management
  • Style cost sheets
  • Rapid Upload all related style pictures, tech-packs and document files
  • Generate style barcode & scanning
  • Generate on-line web catalog
  • Sales Order processing
  • Cutting tickets & WIP
  • Bill of materials
  • Purchase orders
  • Production & Tracking with vendor web portal
  • Fully support with vendor communication
  • Picking tickets and packing slips
  • Invoicing & accounting retrieval
  • RMA & Credits
  • Track & place Inventory allocation
  • Shipping integration with UPS & FedEx
  • No need other GL software
  • Integrate with E-commerce website(On-line order management: wholesale/retail)
  • Integrate with Easysalesorder App
  • Order processing of Multi location(warehouse/Store/Trade show/E-commerce)
  • Reporting and analysis
  • Secure application hosting

One Click

  • Summaries of customer sales orders, purchase orders, production status, receiving & inventory, accounting & report
  • Eliminate manual data entry
  • Reduce time, errors, and re-work
  • Automate processing of purchase orders, invoices and other documents
  • Web integration into TPS for Accounting Module(AR/AP/GL)

Custom Solution

The Fashion and Apparel industry is unique. TPS ERP Solution was built for the specific needs of apparel industry, with all processes on one unified platform. TPS ERP Solution was designed to accommodate both small and large size fashion, apparel companies, with a particular focus on wholesalers, manufacturers, and self-sourcing retailers.

User Friendly

  • Advanced filtering/ sorting options on every screen
  • Import/export to Excel or other popular formats
  • On-line manual & customer support
  • Easy payment Module(Authorized.Net/Pay-pal/Google check out)

Everything You Need is Here

  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly Sales Report
  • Best sales style: Open orders/Quantity/Amount
  • Customer Customer's balance/credits
  • Style inventory on hand/on orders/available

Vendor Collaborative Portal

Manage the communication with your vendors collaboratively online. Develop styles and tech packs from costing and sample requests to production management, and shipment without email. Simply upload any documents and pictures by drag and drop.


Fully Built-In Features To Manage Your Fashion Business

Style Management

Sample Management
  • Sample Evaluation
  • Generate Cost Sheet
  • Generate Spec. Sheet
  • Technical Package
  • View Image
  • Design History
  • Comments by Vendor
  • Update Progress by Vendor
  • Sample Confirmation
  • Sample Tracking
Style Management
  • Generate Style from Sample
  • Matrix Size/Quantity Entry
  • Register Size/Color/Ratio
  • View Image
  • Generate Style Catalog
Style Inventory
  • In Stock
  • On Order
  • On Hand
  • Back Order
  • Reserved
  • Available
  • Inventory Allocation/Movement
  • Inventory Adjustment
  • W.I.P
Style Management

Sales Order Management

New Sales Order
  • Order Detail
  • Customer Detail
  • Style Detail
  • Schedule Detail
  • Customer Payment Detail
  • View Customer Debit Detail
  • Display updated Inventory Status
  • Create Duplicate Sales Order
  • Generate Invoice
  • Generate Picking List
  • Generate Packing List
Sales Order List
  • Sales Order History/Detail List
  • View/Sort/Filter Sales Order by Multi Categories
  • Generate Picking List
  • Generate Packing List
  • Generate Line Sheet
  • Generate Re-Order Sheet
  • Generate Invoice
  • Maintain Back Order
  • Manual Update Sales Order Status
Sales Order Management

Production Management

New Purchase Order
  • P.O Detail
  • Vendor Detail
  • Style Detail
  • Schedule Detail
  • Based on Customer P.O
  • Import/Domestic Production
  • Generate Purchase Order
  • Email PO to Vendor
Purchase Order List
  • Manage Pre-Production
  • Multi Location
  • Multi Vendor
  • Sample Confirmation (FIT/PP/TOP)
  • Customer Regulation Management
  • Order Allocation
  • Dashboard
  • Manage Production Step (Vendor to Vendor)
  • Schedule Alert Via Email/ To Dashboard
Import Production
  • Tech Pack
  • Sample Confirmation
  • Vendor Detail
  • Schedule Detail
  • Ship Condition/Type
  • Shipment Management
  • Pre-Production
  • Q.C
  • Import Production Step Management
  • Import Production W.I.P
Domestic Production
  • Cut/Sew
  • Cut Order/Ticket
  • Manage Send Out
  • Bill of Material
  • Fabric Inventory Control(Roll/Lot)
  • Raw Materials Inventory
  • Pre-Production
  • Q.C
  • Domestic Production Step Management
  • Domestic Production W.I.P
Production Management


Account Code
  • Register Account Code (G/L)
  • Customer Balance/Credit
  • Customer Account (Credit/Debit) History
  • Receivable List
  • Customer Credit Limit Maintenance
  • Generate Mailing Label
  • AR Ageing
  • Customer Account Statement
  • Cash Receipt Register
  • Chargeback Control
  • Cash Receipt Analysis
  • Account Statement
  • View Balance/Credit/Status
  • Payable List
  • Make Payment
  • Set Payment Method (Import/Domestic)
  • Paid History
  • Generate Mailing Label
  • AP Ageing
  • Make Expense P.O
  • Paid History
  • G/L Account


Generate Invoice
  • Generate Invoice based of Sales Order
  • Flexible Payment Options
  • Update Account Receivable
  • Duplicate Invoice
  • Partial Invoice
  • Apply Customer Credit
  • Review Customer Balance/History
Invoice List
  • Show all impending Invoices
  • Show Invoice Detail on the List
  • Open Sales Order from the Invoice
  • View Invoice Status
  • View RMA Transaction
  • Void Existing Invoice

RMA & Credit

Apply RMA
  • Customer Detail
  • Style Detail by Customer Invoice
  • Authorized by Qualified Return Code
  • Merchandise Credit
  • Manage Inventory by related RMA
  • Apply Customer Credit
  • Review Customer Credit Balance/History
  • Create Manual Customer Credit
RMA & Credit

Basic Information

  • Unlimited Multiple User
  • Authority by Each User
  • Administrator's Powerful Tool
Basic Code
  • Color
  • Category
  • Brand
  • Season
  • Ship Method
  • Price Term
  • Payment Term
  • Payment Type
  • Payment Method
  • Fabric
  • Trim
  • Size/Ratio
  • Design
  • Pack Type(Ratio)
  • Label
  • Origin
Store & Location
  • Manage all Transaction ( History by User's Logging in)
Basic Information

Customer Management

New Customer
  • Basic Info.
  • Multiple Billing/Shipping Address
  • Prefer Payment/Shipment Type
  • Seller's Permit ID/Image
  • Customer Routing Guide
Customer List
  • Customer Order History
  • Back Order History
  • Manage Customer Credit
  • Check Invoice History which is Customer Credit Applied
  • Balance & Payment History
  • Charge Back Tracking
Customer Management

Vendor Management

New Vendor
  • Basic Info.
  • Vendor Type Management
  • Set Payment Method
  • Country of Origin
Vendor List
  • Work Order History
  • Organize Production Step(s)
  • Sort Vendor Order by Vendor Type
  • Shipment Schedule Management
  • Payable Balance Management
Vendor Management


  • Sales Summary Report by Customer
  • Summary of Purchase Order by Customer/Style/Categories
  • Sample Tracking Report
  • Sample History by Design
  • Sample History by Customer
  • Sample History by Vendor
  • Open Purchase Order Report
  • Size/Color Report
  • Inventory Prediction Report (On Order/On Hand/Reserved)
  • Available to Sell Report (WIP)
  • Back Order by Style
  • Reserved Inventory by Customer
  • Inventory Allocation Report
Sales Order
  • Sales History Report by Customer
  • Sales History Report by Period (Search by Calendar)
  • Sales History Report by Style
  • Sales History Report by Sales Person
  • Sales History Report by Designer
  • Sales Order Status Report (Open, Partial, Complete, Cancel)
  • Invoice History by Sales Order
  • Shipment History Report
  • Shipment Schedule Report (ETA, ETD, Due Date)
  • Pay History Report
  • Vendor Capacity Analysis
  • Production Order Report
  • Purchase Order Report by Vendor
  • Vendor Tracking Report
  • Track Goods Report (by PO/Order Date/Due Date)
  • W.I.P Allocation Report
  • Invoice History Report by Customer
RMA & Credits
  • RMA Credit Report by Customer
  • RMA Analysis Report
  • RMA History Report by Customer
  • RMA History Report by Style
  • G/L Report
  • AR Report
  • AP Report
  • Customer Transaction History
  • Expense History Report
  • Account Settlement Report

Why TPS?

We Are Recongnized for Providing Our Customer with Award Winning Technology and Customer Satisfaction

Manage the communication with your vendors collaboratively online. Develop styles and tech packs from costing and sample requests to production management, and shipment without email. Simply upload any documents and pictures by drag and drop.

Grow As Your Business Grows

There is no upper limit to the size of your business or users. TPS includes everything you need in one package eliminating costly add-on modules later. Use what you want to start and grow into additional functionality as business dictates.

Improve Efficiency

By simplifying business processes and eliminating multiple system redundancy and errors. TPS is designed for ease of learning and use by providing commonality for multiple tasks such as sales and production order management, return, allocation and invoicing screens. Learn one and use many.

Reduce IT Costs

TPS offers an option to fix annual costs. We work with you to establish what it will cost to purchase, train and support the standard software.

Reduce Expenses

By eliminating double entry necessary when using multiple systems. TPS(ERP), E-Commerce, Easy App Sales Module and accounting functions are integrated.

Deliver Critical Status Information

To your desktop or email in a timely manner so that decisions may be made before they become critical via user defined alerts.

Consolidate All Business Information

In a single data repository for easy access. No longer will you have to search through 3-ring binders, email and Document folders for information.

Simplify Management

Of your business by providing executives with top down Dashboard views of all important business functions in real time.

Operate Across the Office or Around the World

TPS provides a web interface allowing you to access your mission critical data from any internet connection. Furthermore, every partner in your supply chain may have access to the system with appropriate security.

Integrated Solution

That means you don't have to run separate software to create your styles, take orders, render great customer service, and track inventory, expenses and your bottom line.

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