Integrated Management Solution for Retail Businesses.

ICS Solution is the retail brand optimized solution that enables users to control and manage Headquarters/Physical Stores/Online Stores with One Single System. All the managerial/operative elements of enterprises that runs business based on multiple physical stores, are implemented into the system. This solution enables users to view/manage/analyze data in real-time basis and supports users to construct strategic decision making system.

ICS Solution is consisted of 4 systems

ICS Solution empowers apparel, footwear and accessories brands, manufacturers and retailers with the integrated solutions they need to streamline operations, increase productivity, manage production and inventory, increase sales and improve bottom line performance.

ICS Solution Block Diagram

ICS Solution is the integrated management solution that is the most optimized for retail companies.

ICS Features

Support Any Industry with Standard Work Process

Configuration of Standard Work Module
  • Structuralize required tasks for specific industry as unit of menu.
  • Minimize the duplication of work through data interface between each task.

Work Optimization Customizing

Application of Enterprise Unique/Own Business
  • Application of enterprise unique/own business process and functions, in addition to standard business.
  • Application of requested & required items into the system.

Efficient Store Management

Support Operation/Management Per Store
  • Manage products/sales/inventories/employees per store.
  • Support per store marketing (promotion, membership card)

Efficient Shopping Mall Management

Optimized for Shopping Mall Operation
  • One-Click product registration.
  • Support various types of online marketing.

Integrated Management of Data & Information

Real-Time Data Update
  • Aggregate per store data in real-time basis at the head office, through store POS.
  • Aggregate shopping mall data in real-time basis at the head office.
  • Support real-time Statistics/Analysis reports for aggregated data.
  • Support quick decision-making through real-time trend determination.

Support various Statistical/Analytical Reports

Support Management Decision-Making Reports
  • Status & Inquiry reports per unit/task.
  • Integrated statistical/analytical reports and reports per location/store/period.
  • Supportive reports for purchasing plan through sales/inventory data analysis.
  • Reports that supports purchase decision-making through sample/production status analysis.

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