Powerful, Flexible, Integrated and Easy eCommerce Solution

Solution that enables to develop the most optimized Online Shopping Mall by applying state of the art E-Commerce technology and Marketing techniques.

Apply State of the Art Technology and Trends

Continuous & Periodic Update
  • Determine and apply the trend of eCommerce technology.
  • Bench Marking the trends per client for its specific needs.

Optimization through Customizing

Develop Unique Site Reflecting Needs & Requirements
  • Apply/reflect the needs of clients into the basic module.
  • Customize per client's product / sales plan / operation strategy.

Powerful, Easy and Simple Operation

Easy Site Operation and Management
  • Provide eCommerce site Display Option.
  • User friendly menu and screen structure.
  • Easy operation & interface for required functions.
  • Provide various Templates (Main Banner Template, Site Theme Template, and etc.)

Efficient Marketing Tool

Support Growth of Site Traffic/Membership/Sales
  • Provide SEO basic Meta Tag.
  • Support interfacing with SNS (Facebook, Twitter) (Site & Product advertisement).
  • Categorize the User Level through member analysis 00> Proceed differentiated marketing for each level of user.
  • Support Promotion/Coupon/Event.
  • Support Point Card/Gift Card.

Comparative Advantage

Compared to Platform Package Service, eCom Builder has very high level of customer satisfaction and does provide the Unique eCommerce Solution for each client.

Comparison Item Bigcommerce, Open Cart, Magento Compare eCom Builder
eCommerce Trend Creates independent trend. Assembly of the most up to date trend.
Functionally Various functions > Many unnecessary function; result in decrease of efficiency. Consisted of functions required by clients > Outstanding function accessibility & efficiency.
Security SSL Encrypt, PCI Compliance. = SSL Encrypt, PCI Compliance.
Time Schedule Short development time by using pre-developed Module & Template. Maximum of 2 months required to reflect & apply the needs of clients.
Modification Able to change provide templates > Very limited changeable area. Able to change & modify per request of client. Able to change and apply immediately based on operation plan/strategy.
Maintenance High maintenance fee for services beyond the basic service. Able to make Maintenance Agreement and/or agreement per case > Proceed the maintenance based on reasonableness & trust based partnership.
Marketing Able to use provided Marketing Tools only. Basic Marketing Tool (including tools provided by similar services) + Apply Marketing Strategy & Operation method of client.
Compatibility Hard to interface with other system and is very limited. Compatible and is easy to interface with other systems.

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