Woongjin is an IT specialized company that is continuously growing proudly in the US Market, with state of the art technology and know-how

"Currently, the demand in various platform based solutions is rapidly increasing, as the importance of software and solutions is acknowledged even more through Mobile and IT Infra. On the other hand, customers are desiring the introduction of high efficiency solution that is of low cost and optimized for IT environment."

- Alex Lim, Chief Executive Officer

Woongjin is an IT specialized developing company, organized with challenging and progressive professionals, equipped with accumulated technology and experiences to support constructing successful informationized system of clients, that develops services and systems upon the request of client enterprises through various IT technology. Currently, Woongjin is developing and supplying various enterprise systems to improve work environment of enterprises and to help focus on core works, and is now being recognized through expanding to mainstream. Woongjin provides consulting service and systems to support enterprises, that pursue the maximization of Value Creation and Profit, to construct optimal business and work process. Moreover, as demand and desire of customers in development of mobile infra and mobile businesses are rapidly increasing, Woongjin is developing services and businesses for the needs and wants of clients, as optimal for mobile environment.

As stated above, Woongjin is expecting to grow with client enterprises as their partner.

Woongjin will establish optimized process preparing new future environment, and provide best work and business solutions and services, and will always try best to become a true partner of clients that satisfies the IT environment through the competency of Woongjin that pursue passion, expertise, creativity, customer satisfaction, and effective communication.